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We're back, and we survived another GenCon! This year we enjoyed sharing a booth with Dead Gentlemen Productions, being neighbors to our distributor Paizo Publishing, and offering many new products to our fans. Interest in non-d20 games continues to rise, and we're glad we were there to offer alternative games to keep the industry's imagination healthy. The highlight was, of course, the premiere of the film "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising" in which NDG's main author Matt deMille was production designer. We were pretty busy with our feet in two worlds at once, however, we're never so busy as to not take pictures for everyone to enjoy. Whether we missed GenCon, didn't have time while you were there, or just want to relive a few memories, below you'll find a few of our favorite things from this year's gamer ground zero.


Lemon signing.jpg (120314 bytes)

The Dead Gentlemen are very close to each other


Klingon jail.jpg (128295 bytes)

Director Matt Vancil imprisoned for crimes too numerous (and silly) to list


Booth NDG.jpg (132888 bytes)

New Dimension Games taking up half of DGP's booth


Booth DGP.jpg (139500 bytes)

Dead Gentlemen Productions taking up half of NDG's booth


Movie line.jpg (114321 bytes)

One of the many endless lines to see "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising"


Movie premiere.jpg (108551 bytes)

New Dimension Games properly dresses for the premiere of "Dorkness Rising"


Dueling cameras.jpg (114056 bytes)

Dead Gentlemen keeping a very close watch on everything we photograph


Dice hat.jpg (287112 bytes)

What? Me gamer? I've got to get me a hat like that!