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The staff and Game Master's



Take lead from the Game Master, and enter his world. Look you now, and see the signs upon the road. Many roads lead on to many ends. Now the Knights of New Dimension Games will show you some of the more useful vaults and libraries of powerful treasures and wisdom for all your adventuring needs. In these citadels and songs and you may find legends and lore for designing adventures, folk with which to fill your fellowship, and both mirth and merriment.

Alpha Base is the nexus for all those fans in the Seattle area who take part in Star Wars related events, from costume parties to midnight movies, as this is the Washington State branch of Rebel Legion.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery hosts the most comprehensive database anywhere online for the infamous danger zone, a well researched and objective study of both the paranormal and the practical involving this legendary area.

The Bilge Pumps are a band of pirates, er, performers whose atrocities, um, I mean whose albums are just good plain fun for all lovers of the pirate genre (they have a flint-lock to my head as I write this, so please visit their site and buy their CDs).

Botchomania is the first in a long, long series of YouTube movies showcasing the many mistakes made in pro-wrestling over the years. From blown moves to fumbled interviews, it's worth a good laugh. And, lest someone wonder, we actually love pro-wrestling. After all, we made and enjoy the role-playing game for it.

Christ on the Crapper is a website mocking religion. Now, we've probably lost a good portion of our customers just by having it here. But so what? NDG isn't about making tons of money (although that's always nice). It's about raising the intelligence level of the hobby. Those who are easily offended aren't going to like our products anyway (after all, they include nudity, murder, backstabbing, whores, drugs, and all manner of e-vil that 99% of the common populace condones in some form or another). So, whether you're a proud athiest or a recovering Christian, this website will offer you some very healthy food for the soul.

The Dawrin Awards is the official website for those hilarious records of idiots improving the human gene pool by removing themselves from it. If you aren't familiar with these, you're missing a lot of great laughs!

Dead Gentlemen Productions are a group of talented film-makers who brought the gaming world the hilarous spoof 'The Gamers' and 'The Gamers: Dorkness Rising', and are now busy at work on making even more mischief and actually turning gamer movies into a viable way for all of us to make a living! Cool!

Dead Men Tell No Tales offers a treasure trove of pirate merchandise for all needs, including props, books, posters, weapons, music and more!

Dice is a collection of all kinds of cool dice. We're gamers, what more needs be said?

Elfwood is a realm of endless artwork, with literally thousands of galleries of artists from all over the world, a community for those who appreciate art, and where we found almost all of the artists who have contributed to Fantasia and Starquest.

Epic Level Entertainment produces great genre movies for all us gamers, including official 'Dungeons & Dragons' titles and the one we here at NDG were very heavily involved in, 'The Gamers: Dorkness Rising'. We hope to be working with them in many great adventure movies to come. Keep your eyes on this website . . .

Evil Bible points out just how brutal and e-vil the Bible really is. Seems odd to include it here, given that our main gameline of Fantasia breaks RPG convention by not having a pantheon of gods but rather a very Christian-themed medieval European setting. Well, it is fantasy, escapism, and we'd like to believe the universe is the way that most traditional Christians prefer to think it, just like it would be nice to believe in Santa Claus. But in the efforts of raising the intellectual bar in the hobby, we have to play the devil's advocate and offer such websites as this as food for thought at the least. And, when we're told gaming is evil, we can say, "You're right! It is. We are sooo evil. Our game is based on Christianity and here's how accurate it is . . ."

The Forge is an open forum for independent games, where one can hear about new games, share messages about them and more, run by donation and thus by enthusiastic gamers who are dedicated to their hobby.

Game Geek TV is what gamers watch, so head over there and see some interesting shows, including some behind-the-scenes of The Gamers movies!

Game Localization and Game Testing is an MO Group International’s flexible game localization process allows us to provide tailor made solutions for various game genres. From simple text translations to full localization planning and management, our experienced project manager and native translators can realize each of your needs. In addition, our experienced independent QA team ensures you achieve and maintain the brand image you desire. 

Larry Elmore is the premiere artist in the role-playing game industry, who was gracious enough to allow us to purchase (Secondary) Rights to one of his classic adventure paintings from 1982, for use on the Fantasia Rulebook cover.

Lyon Studio is a wonderful place for getting information and ideas about historical war gaming.

The Magnoli Colelction is a place where you can buy replicas of the coolest movie props, chiefly Indiana Jones but many other movies as well. As a customer myself, I can vouch for the quality of both the products and the service. Trust me, they're as good as they seem. Even better!

Pink Raygun is a website dedicated to women who are fans of all genres, from sci-fi to superheroes. Lots of goodies here!

Pirate Names presents you with twenty humorous questions to determine your pirate name! Enjoy! Arrrr!

Riddle Poems provides a comprehensive overview and involved look at the ever popular riddles of fantasy and history alike, how and why they are what they are, and best of all, how to get past the writer's block and create your own!

RPG Registry provides gamers from all over with a way to connect, to find other players in their local area so they can gather together online rather than searching all over town. This site also has links to all kinds of informative sites concerning RPGs.

Sean Alonzo is the official site of occult fiction author Sean-Alonzo, exploring symbolism, alternative history, philosophy, secret societies and other areas of the esoteric tradition.

Silver Gryphon Games is a great nexus for all things games, especially their newsletter, which is a wonderful resource for finding exactly the games you want!

Society of Heroes is a forum for real-life superheroes and those who find inspiration in them. Yes, we're serious. There is a growing movement of 'RLSH' out there. An inspiring element to this otherwise darker-than-we-expected new milennium.

There and Back Again is a one-of-a-kind site devoted to the tales of Tolkien. The lush graphics and interesting notes make this one well worth visiting (just be patient if you are using a slow modem, as the graphics are heavy and take some time to load).

Tolkien Movies is one of the best sites for information regarding the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, as well as similar films. Contains news and archives all the way back to when words were first whispered.

The Ultimate Warrior is the official website of the former pro-wrestling champion, and in our not-so-humble opinion, the best champ of all time and a real-life superhero to boot! Oh sure, he's a controversial figure. To us, that translates to him having guts, being daring, and being true to himself. If ever you want some very interesting insight, good life-lessons or sheer self-empowerment, you won't find a better source than this.

Weird Al asketh: How can any website about sci-fi, fantasy, or general geekdom be complete without the Grand Master Yankovic? The answer is simple, it can't be. So, here's the link to our Main Man's official website.

WrestleCrap is a website dedicated to the very worst of pro-wrestling. Now, we're huge fans of pro-wrestling itself (except perhaps for the lame product offered these days), but ya gotta admit, there's been some really terrible stuff over the years, and it's always worth a good laugh to look back on.

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