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A Bigger World Than You Think

Fantasia is a game for adventurers, not academics. Its products are created by storytellers, not scholars. The world of Fantasia is far more complex and reaches to lands beyond most other game settings, only these worlds are waiting to be discovered rather than being written down in guidebooks to be conveniently and comfortably memorized. There are more characters, monsters, treasures, tales, legends, lore, cultures and creativity than a dozen or more other fantasy worlds combined. However, these treasures of other-worldly fantasy are waiting for the brave and bold, for the adventurous at heart, not those who sit back and watch from a safe distance. The details of this expansive world are revealed through its adventures, not through tomes, handbooks and the like. Therefore, it is a world that is to be explored, not studied, a world whose rewards, like the Grail itself, await at the end of a quest, found only the dangerous way, the fun and the exciting way—adventure!

        Anybody can purchase another ten or twenty guidebooks, read them, and have all a world’s surprises spoiled for him, but that’s nothing to brag about or even be proud of. He who learns of a world through his actions, who can claim to have overcome ten or twenty Dragons, now that’s something to be proud of! Fantasia makes no allowances for those who do not dare to dream, indeed who do not dare at all. The game, even the company itself is a dare, to take the path less traveled, to metaphorically enter the Dragon’s lair rather than farm a field. Want an obscure race of Dwarves? You got it, but why put it into a handbook so that it becomes so often used that it is no longer obscure? New magical items? Sure, but they won’t be found it a book, rather they will be found in a ruined castle or on the shallow bed of a river leading there. Ya know, we can come up with many revolutionary, other-game-bookworthy ideas for every single Adventure. We stock this world with so much imagination that if we were to make handbooks there would be hundreds of them, and thus, a big waste of all those ideas. We don’t chronicle them—we use them as they should be, as enhancements to the adventure.

        Embrace Fantasia and find a far more glorious game than you ever have before! After all, why would you want to just read about a world when you can go there?

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