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Playing Or Performing?

It comes up again and again, Players demanding role-playing all the while they argue rules. Won't anyone ever get it? You simply cannot do both. If you play a game (like most RPGs) that is rule-heavy, it crowds out performance because there is no subtly. Anything one would want to perform has to 'be approved' by an existing rule. So if you want to perform, play a game (like ours, shameless plug, I know) that is rule-light. In rule-heavy (i.e. most) games, the lack of subtly to the fantasy-reality's details become like a movie's visuals, the performance forced to cater to them at best, if not be obliterated by those visuals, as they draw your attention to them, leaving no room for interpretation. In a rule-light game, it's more like a stage performance, where props and sets merely suggest things to your imagination, thereby encouraging you to see what is not there, and allow your own preferences to build the world you would rather see and enjoy.

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