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Starquest Core Rulebook

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PRODUCT: Rulebook (#5001)
SIZE: 250 pages
RELEASED: May 2005
PRICE: $35.00 (includes shipping in the USA)
May the dice be with you! At long last there is a game made for space fantasy rather than science-fiction. Designed for fast-paced play, these rules allow for all the story details one could ever want to explore any popular mythos of space opera, but not slow down the game's playability. This game focuses on magic above machines, heroics above hyperspace. All the guns, gadgets, fighters, freighters, robots and rules are there as a means to an end, that of adventure! No deck plans, no schematics, no technobabble. Heroes need guns to fight the bad guys! That's all one needs to know, and that's what these rules are made for. So have fun and just throw the dice! Swing between buildings! Go wild with two laserswords! Shoot first in the bar against the bounty hunter! Rescue the princess! Save the universe! These rules enable you to do all that and more!

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