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In Search Of The Nebulous Crystal

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REQUIRES: Celendrian Sourcebook (#5002)

PRODUCT: Adventure C1 (#5201)
SIZE: 32 pages with 8 Handouts
RELEASED: December 2005
PRICE: $13.00 (includes shipping in the USA)
It is a time of civil war and insurrection, when the evil Empire of Thaetis has declared conquest of the Inner Ring of the solar system. Polarizing the capital with energy from an unknown source, they cannot be fought off and total defeat is only a matter of time. While the senate endlessly debates futile efforts of diplomacy and maverick captains fruitlessly fight in space against the Imperial fleet, secret agents, with the guidance of Galactic Knights, have sought out those they believe are chosen by fate to achieve a victory where no one else can, asking you to search for the legendary Nebulous Crystal. It is said to be a source of infinite life, with power enough thus to counter the life-draining polarizing energy of the Empire. Can you find the Crystal and return in time to save all life on Tereste?

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