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Journey To The End Of Light

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REQUIRES: Celendrian Sourcebook (#5002)

PRODUCT: Adventure C2 (#5202)
SIZE: 32 pages with 7 Handouts
RELEASED: March 2006
PRICE: $13.00 (includes shipping in the USA)
War is tearing the Republic asunder, and salvation needs to be found, but it lies out of reach. Yet, there are modalities of travel faster than lightspeed. So say the Lunar Knights of the Celendrian system. And now they may have discovered it, but they need brave adventurers to seek this 'light tunnel' to the infinity beyond. Your only guidance is the cryptic counseling of the Knights. Your only chance of returning is finding something that may not even exist. Your reward is to be the first to behold what lies beyond the boundaries of the known universe, what exists outside the three-dimension realm defined by light, and what is the secret source of the Empire's dark power. Can you find that power and discover its purpose before the Republic is destroyed?

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