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War On Valantis Major

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REQUIRES: Celendrian Sourcebook (#5002)

PRODUCT: Adventure C3 (#5203)
SIZE: 32 pages with 9 Handouts
RELEASED: June 2006
PRICE: $13.00 (includes shipping in the USA)
There will be no peace until the Empire has been destroyed. Every day, the Empire of Thaetis gains victory after victory, and now the time has come when the dark truth at its heart shall be revealed. The Shadow Royalty are approaching the civilized interior of the system, the coming of their galactic temple surety of their immanent conquest. Fighting a losing battle, the Republic has turned to myths and legends. They have turned to the Lunar Knights, and, to yourselves. Can you succeed where an entire army has failed? Stationed on the lonely world of Valantis Major at the edge of the solar system, you shall witness the arrival of the Emperor's temple. Will you be able to infiltrate it and take the fight directly to the Shadow Royalty themselves? And can you withstand the might of their unknown power which has corrupted an entire Empire? The final battle for the fate of the Republic will be fought on the world farthest from its capital, the frontier moon of Valantis Major . . .

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