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Legend Of Zelda Trailer

Though only an incredibly elaborate April Fool's Day joke, this trailer for a 'Legend Of Zelda' movie shows just how awesome such a film could be if done right. Check out the trailer by following this, ahem, Link. Hey, Nintendo, if you're listening, we'd love to see this for real!


D & D & D

Dexter's Lab doing our favorite game.  Need I say more?  Just click here or here or here for this hilarious 10-minutes of YouTube.


Gamer Purity Test

The Gamer Purity Test is now available.  Download this PDF document to determine just how much of a true gamer you really are!  Go on, we dare ya!


The Gospel of Geekdom

Just download this and enjoy it. It is available in Word and PDF format. Okay, okay, for those slugging along on phone modems or who just need forewarnings, to make it worth your downloading while, it's a purity test based on the Gospels of our Age, the movies of gamers!


Medieval Insults

We found this list floating around at the SCA a few years ago. We tried to find the author, or a weblink, but the search was fruitless. So, we're posting it here for the benefit of the gaming community. However, if someone does know the author, please let us know so that we can properly credit him or her. You can download this in either Word or PDF format.


Green Eggs And Lembas

We originally heard of this on TheOneRing.net and thought it was too hilarious not to be shared around even further. So, here you go. Enjoy!

By "Whistler"


Excerpt from a screenplay for THE LORD OF THE RINGS
by Dr. Seuss

(Scene: Bag End, after Bilbo’s party)

That Samwise-Sam! That Samwise-Sam!
I do not like that Samwise-Sam!

Would you like some bread and jam?

I do not want your bread and jam.
I’m busy being mad at Sam.
He likes to sneak. He likes to spy.
I’ll grind him up for hobbit-pie!

Oh, do not grind him up for pie!
He is a pretty handy guy.
He mows my grass. He paints my gate.
He is my friend. We both are straight.

Well, then, I will not grind up Sam!
Bring me bread, and bring me jam!
We’ll talk about another thing.
Tell me, do you have the Ring?

I have the ring. I have it here.
But, mercy me! Oh, dear! Oh, dear!
I fear the Ring is very bad,
The golden ring that Bilbo had!
Tell me, will you take the Ring?

I will not take that evil thing!

Would you, could you, by the fire?
Would you, could you, in the Shire?

I would not, could not, by the fire.
I would not, could not, in the Shire.

Would you, could you, in a tree?
Would you, on the road to Bree?
Would you, with an orc or troll?
Would you, in a hobbit-hole?

I would not, could not, in a tree.
I would not, on the road to Bree.
I would not, with an orc or troll.
I would not, in a hobbit-hole.
I will not take it here or there,
I will not take it anywhere!
For it is bad. It’s as you say.
You’ll have to take that ring away
And throw it in the Cracks of Doom!

I’ll need a friend. But who, or whom?

(Gandalf produces Sam, who has been spying)

Oh, Master! Master! Sam is here!
He’ll wash me down with beer, I fear!
I do not wish to be a pie!

I will not eat you, little spy!
But I will send you far away.
You both will go away today.
You’ll go to Bree. A man is there.
The man looks foul. The man feels fair.
He’ll lead you both, if all goes well,
To meet the elves in Rivendell.

Oh, Master! We will meet the elves!
We’ll get to meet the elves ourselves
And hear them sing their elven songs!
We’ll hear them bong their elven-gongs
And strum their elven loola-lutes!
They’ll hoot their elven hooty-toots!

I hope you’ll hear those loola-lutes
And hear the hoots of hooty-toots!
But go with care. To be a pie
Is better than to meet the Eye!
The Eye is mean. The Eye is red.
He rules nine Riders. They are dead.
They’ll try to make you dead, as well.
But will they catch you? Time will tell!

Oh, dear! Oh, dear! This is a mess!
We’ll have to fix this mess, I guess.
So we will go, just Sam and me.
And what will happen? We will see!



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