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Welcome to the

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Greetings to all fellow adventurers and those who share in the tales of woe! Have you a tale to tell regarding the foolish demise of a character, or even that of a fellow party member? Sure you do! We all do! But why should such gut-busters be limited to a mere tale at one table? Why not let the entire world have a laugh and make that untimely death worth something? To this end, we have hereby opened the Hall of Shame, a webpage dedicated to the most humorous tales of Player Character Self-Destruction in the vast multiverse of role-playing games.


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What are these things? Think of these as the "Darwin Awards for gamers". If you familiar with the bone-breakingly funny collections of "Darwin Awards" by Wendy Northcutt, that is what inspired me to create this webpage. We may not cleanse the human gene pool with the demise of fantasy personas, but we can certainly cleanse our woes with a lot of laughter at our own foolishness, misadventures and blatant stupidity.

Submitting stories is always welcome! If you want to nail a dead Character's remains to the wall or stuff it in a glass case (or coffin), you need only email me. Of course, please consider that all stories submitted to this email immediately and irrevocably become the intellectual property of New Dimension Games, insert more legal stuff here, yadda-yadda-yadda.

Lotsa notes: Note that these stories are written in 'generic game rules' format, so as to make them accessible to all players regardless of their chosen RPG (and to avoid potential copyright infringements, of course). Also note that these are stories of stupid decisions that resulted in character death, not stories of having bad luck or facing overwhelming odds. Also also note that while most stories end in the highly depressing and yet highly amusing matter of death, there are some where the foolish character actually lives, but his stupidity is still highly amusing, so much that it none-the-less qualifies him for a place in the Hall Of Shame, and such stories as these are given the disclaimer of "I'm Not Dead Yet".

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